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The Colors That Amaze Me

Looking at comics today is a breathtaking endeavor. Some may argue that it's always been that way, enjoying the amazing pencils of a Neal Adams or the art and inking ability of a Kirby and yet to me those things are somewhat tainted by the four color printing process that was used up until the late eighties. Now with digital coloring and better printing methods, comic coloring has become an art form all it's own. I've started picking up books and like Udon Comics Darkstalkers , Marvel Comics X-men: Age of Apocalypse one shot, and Darkhorse Comics Conan the Barbarian and going, "WOW! Who did the colors in this book!" It's as if you are reading an animated movie cell by cell. As a comic fan I really never thought there would be a day when I might pick up a book just for the coloring job but let me tell you folks that day has come. And I say, "Hallelujah!"

Check out Udon Comics beautiful colors on there online gallery.

Here's a look at Darkhorse's Conan.
Marvel didn't have any pages posted but I found some here.

Director's Cuts not just for DVDs anymore.

VHS tapes have gone the way of beta and 8 tracks, thanks not only to the higher quality of DVDs but also because of the myriad of extra and bonus features included with each film. As consumers we even paid more for special collections like Criterion that packed even more of that bonusey goodness into every purchase.





Now comic publishers have caught on, giving us Director's cuts of new comics packing in features that used to be reserved for special edition trade paperbacks and hardcovers. Special features like scripts, character design sketches, alternate cover sketches, and character bios worthy of any Who's Who or Marvel Universe. All these great extra's even come at a fair price, usually only $1.00 more than their featureless counterparts. So perhaps we'll start doing what we do for DVDs, instead of buying the first cut when it comes out we'll wait for the feature packed one that comes out a month later.


Young Avengers #1 Director's Cut

The Secret to Long Lasting Beauty Discovered!

Here at Buried Treasure Comics we feel we have discovered the secret to nearly everlasting beauty for women. It seems all you have to do is play a female superhero on T.V. For example the ever beautiful Lynda Carter.




Wonder Woman was filmed over twenty five years ago and look at the still ravishing Lynda Carter in 2003. Now if it were only Lynda we might be able to excuse it as good genes but what about Lindsay Wagner, the Bionic Woman, and Barbara Eden, Genie, who have both managed to look good well into the years when other woman appear more like fuzzy pearlike creatures. So if you want your woman to stay looking young, men, start dressing her up into those tights now.

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The disembodied head of Pat Richardson speaks it's opinion on various comic books and storylines out now, in a little column we like to call.....

Pat's Head Says....

Jim Lee’s Superman - It’s horrible actually, but the artwork is nice

Sam and Twitch – It’s better than some stuff out here it just doesn’t sell

Fables- It’s ok

Phoenix Endsong- Yeah I've read it.

JSA – Eh, it’s alright

Rob Zombie’s Nail – It was interesting

Batman Strikes – For kids it's great.

Ultimate Nightmare-Where's Galactus?

Doctor Spectrum-Dragging along at a snails pace.

Pat's Head also says - Why don't you paint yourself yellow, run around like a maniac and call yourself Banana Man.(An excerpt from Pat's head's article on tips to being a superhero.)


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Check out these great superhero inspired fan films:

Fast times at Hero High http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2483385

Losing Lois Lane http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2658724


Detective work:

The comic detectives have a theory, that Frank Miller names all his graphic novels after nicknames he has for his personal private member. Take a gander at these and see if you agree.

Big Fat Kill

That Yellow Bastard

A Hard Goodbye

A Dame to Kill For doesn't quite fit the mold but it is believed by some that the Dame is actually why he has all those names in the first place. Can't you see Frankie sitting there saying "Hey lady nice gams can I give you the hard goodbye?"


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